Monday, September 21, 2009

Flat Classroom Project

It’s always exciting to come across something rich with possibilities and new technologies – I stumbled across the Flat Classroom Project in the usual manner, while looking for Something Else. Read the description and you’ll know why I skidded to a stop and changed directions right away:

"The Flat Classroom™ Project is a global collaborative project that joins together middle and senior high school students. This project is part of the emerging tend in internationally-aware schools to embrace a holistic and constructivist educational approach to work collaboratively with others around the world in order to create students who are competitive and globally-minded. The project was co-founded by Vicki Davis (Westwood Schools, USA) and Julie Lindsay(Beijing (BISS) International School, China) in 2006. The Flat Classroom Project 2006 is was featured in Chapter 13, 'If it's not happening it's because you're not doing it', of the latest edition of Thomas Friedman's book, The World is Flat' upon which it was based. (pages 501-503)"

One of the first resources I saw was a nice tutorial on embedding a video on a wiki page created by Julie Lindsay. There are also many student-generated tutorials in this great site. I’ll be exploring more of them and will include them in this blog and in our own Class Wiki.

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