Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thoughts About Blogging, Especially in an Academic Setting

In her thoughtful blog called Eats, Blogs & Leaves, Jennifer Garret says, "A blogger must be a writer and an editor if he wants to attract and keep readers. A well-written blog indicates respect both for the medium and for the reader." Read the complete entry here:
She describes blogs as the unedited voice of the people, but also makes a strong case for appropriate punctuation, usage and grammar. Do you agree? How is a blog that is used as a classroom tool for a university course different from an informal blog that you share with your friends? As a writer, can both styles be an "authentic" voice with which to share your observations and opinions? Can you compare this to dressing for a job interview versus dressing for a Saturday morning at home? Which, if either, is the Real You?

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SSchmitt said...

An academic blog is more complete in a sense of grammar, and probably contains more well developed thoughts. Blogs with friends are usually more casual, containing slang and inside jokes. It's also easier to voice thoughts, because sometimes in class you might not be able to say everything you want to say. I think you can be yourself when writing. It's less intimidating.